Professional tree surgeons across Hull, East Yorkshire & the humber, providing cutting edge service.Access Tree Care deal with both commercial & large private contracts.

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Frequently asked questions

What insurance do you have? And what does it cover?

Access tree care has full Arboricultural Insurance with Public and Products Liability of £5 million and Employers Liability of £5 million which means we have every eventuality covered for your peace of mind. We are fully qualified with the relevant NPTC certificates along with nearly 15 years practical experience.

How do I pay?

Whichever way suits you. Our preferred method, which is free and easy is an internet transfer via your online banking. You can also pay via cheque or cash, upon job completion.

Do you have environmental polices?

Access tree care strongly supports tree planting and encourages it on every contract. We always use re-cycled paper and use e-communication as much as we can. Woodchips are re-cycled as are logs. We use Bio-oil in our chainsaws and try to use handsaws where possible. 

What is the purpose of a tree preservation order?

A tree preservation order protects trees that make an impact on their local surroundings. This is important when trees are in immediate danger.

What types of trees can be covered on a tree preservation order?

All trees regardless of species can be protected by a tree preservation order. The order can cover anything from a single tree to woodlands. Hedgerows trees can be protected, but NOT hedges, bushes or shrubs.

What happens if I carry out work on a protected tree with out permission?

If you destroy or damage a tree you could be fined up to £20,000 if convicted in the magistrates’ court. For other offences you could be fined up to £2,500. If the tree was cut down or destroyed you will normally have to plant a replacement tree.

How will you leave my garden?

We will leave your garden as tidy as possible with little evidence of us being there. We will take the entire tree away and tidy by up by hand also remove most of the leaves by means of a blower. The lawn may have some brushed areas where we have drag large branches. Obviously, if the garden is very wet there may be areas of mud. We are registered Environment Agency waste carriers.

How do I know if my tree is protected?

Access tree care will inquire for you with the local council upon accepting the quote.

Can you replant a tree in the same place?

There may be a reason why the tree has been removed and the replanting in the same place may not be advisable. However we will happily replant a new tree in a suitable place in your garden, (at an extra cost).

What is a tree preservation order?

A tree preservation order is made by the local planning authority which makes it an offence to cut down, reduce, crown thin, uproot, willfully damage or willfully destroy a tree without permission from the planning authority. Tree preservation orders are used to protect trees that contribute to the appearance (amenity value) of an area. They are made if a tree is under threat of being cut down or damaged.

Who grants this permission and how long does this normally take to come through?

The local council’s planning department will grant permission and we should hear from them within 6 weeks of them receiving the application.