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There are many reasons to remove a tree - disease, storm damage etc. We are fully qualified to remove problem trees regardless of their location. We can remove trees by felling the whole tree (if space allows) or by dismantling the tree section by section. We will also take any unwanted logs and debris from the area. We provide tree felling services in Gilberdryke and the surrounding areas.

stump removal

  • Professional tree stump removal in Gilberdryke
  • High performance and efficient machinery in a range of sizes - we can access any area, even down narrow passages
  • Tree stumps removed to well below ground level
  • Any size of tree stump ground out
  • Minimum ground disturbance
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This is where an arborist climbs the tree using rope and harness techniques to delicately dismantle the tree piece by piece avoiding all obstacles nearby. This techinique is ideal for trees that are dead, dangerous or on sites which have difficult access and/or closed space.

During dismantling, branches can be dropped to the floor or can be carefully lowered to the floor using the latest rigging techniques and following all up to date guidelines.

Depending on the nature of the task we can provide a crane for inaccessible of difficult projects in Gilberdryke .

storm damage

Safe dismantling and removal of windblown trees or dangerous limbs. We offer a 24 hour emergency service for all storm damaged tress in Gilberdryke.

Tree Preservation Orders

In Gilberdryke, we are happy to undertake Tree Preservation Order work and approved work in conservation areas. Our staff are experienced in working with relevant authorities to ensure work is completed quickly and compliantly.

If you are unsure about whether or not your project would be subject to protected status we can find this out quickly on your behalf.

pruning & thinning

Regular maintenance can be an effective way to manage the trees and plants in Gilberdryke, your workplace or garden. Access Tree Care can quickly and efficiently take care of these tasks and deal with pruning and thinning at an effective price point.


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